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3D-Reconstruction of sculpture fragments found in the ancient Egyptian city Amarna

In 2017/2018 Andreas Mesli and I were helping the Amarna Project by performing 3D reconstruction of six sculpture fragments using structure from motion photogrammetry (SfM, bundle adjustment).

We have taken 96 digital images from each stone fragment excavated from the Ancient Egyptian city Amarna -- the home of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his queen Nefertiti of the late Eighteenth Dynasty built in 1346 BC and abandoned in 1332 BC.   Structure-from-motion algorithms were used to compute virtual 3d models of each sculpure fragment which can be printed out using a 3d-printer to help the researchers in reconstructing the past amost 3000 years ago.


Development of a Robotic Animation Studio

In 2016 I had the pleasure to work on developing an robotic animation studio from scratch by joining the team of the ZOHO Animation Studio as an robot programmer and Autodesk MotionBuilder and Autodesk Maya developer. We connected a KUKA KR30 HA robot to Autodesk Maya and Autodesk MotionBuilder using KUKA RSI and KUKA FSD. Virtual cameras plugins for virtual production and previz as well as path planning and motion control based on predefined virtual camera moves bridge the gap between the virtual 3D world and the real one.

Hopefully, financing of the animation feature film is coming soon. I keep my fingers crossed. The studio is ready to rumble ....




MOCAD for AUTOCAD is a .NET Plugin for AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2013-2015 developed by Müller Opladen GmbH in cooperation with EckesVision to create cut makros for profile welding machines. The plugin extracts relevant makro parameters from an AUTOCAD construction document and delivers it to the profile welding machine to perform the requested adaption or cut-out of the pipe.

Contact Müller-Opladen for further details.

3D-Reconstruction of EINE ART HAUS rooms



is an ART projekt

von Esther Kusche & Marcus Krips

Körnerstraße 57, 50823 Köln-Ehrenfeld

"13 Wochen lang, vom 6. Mai bis 22. Juli 2017, präsentierten Künstler verschiedenster Genres in den alten Wohnräumen Ihre Arbeit. Sie arbeiteten begeistert in und mit dem Haus, den Räumen, dem Hof - inspirierten, befruchteten und motivierten sich gegenseitig und hinterließen Spuren. "

In order to preserve the ART of the EINE ART HAUS, David Devereux and I decided to support the project by generating 3D reconstructions of the different rooms before the artist had to leave the Körnerstrasse 57 since the house was scheduled for demolition.

Our structure-from-motion approach uses around 30-50 images taken within each room at different positions to reconstruct the 3d shape and texture of room walls and objects inside it along with the intrinsic and extrinsic camera parameters. The artist can use the resulting 3d models to produce replicas for customers using color 3d printers or reuse them for new art. Models can be imported into a game engine (e.g. UR4) and used as core assets. Equirectangular projection rendering of the scene using a fixed 3d view position in each room can be used to produce 360 degree footage.  Current work focuses on porting the assets to a game engine (UR4) to set-up a virtual vernissage.





FbxRecorder is a simple stand-alone application for recording camera tracking data and converting the camera motion into AUTODESK FBX animation files. AUTODESK FBX is a 3D data exchange format natively used by many AUTODESK products such as AUTODESK MAYA,MOTIONBUILDER, SOFTIMAGE, 3DS MAX and many more. 

The Stype Kit is currently suported by FbxRecorder.



The recorded animation curves can be visualized live by the FBXRecorder without the need of having an AUTODESK product installed on the recording computer. Note, however,  AUTODESK offers a free viewer for MS Windows 7/8 64-Bit called FBX Review in order to view  the motion in a FBX scene.

FBX merge tools can be used to merge the pure camera motion generated by the FBXRecorder with any user defined FBX scene to generate a FBX scene containing both scenes. Switch in FBXReview  to the FBXRecorder 'camera'  and move track to view your set from the real camera point of view.  Contact me, in case you need this service. 


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