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An FBXSDK software sdk solution used to enable TECHNOCRANE s.r.o. TechnoDolly to export and import AUTODESK major FBX exchange format. It translates the camera tracking data computed by the TechnoDolly based on forward kinematics into the FBX format and vice versa. A move programmed by the operator of the camera crane can be exported any time to the FBX format and loaded in into any FBX-enabled AUTODESK solution, such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, MotionBuilder, AutoCAD and many more.





Build into the next version of the TechnoDolly camera crane software. Contact TECHNOCRANE s.r.o. to buy one.



Maya 2014 CompatibleMB 2014 compatible


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Current version  TcFbxC1.2014.1702.01

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EckesVision in cooperation with TrackMen for TECHNOCRANE s.r.o

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