A motion capture gateway for AUTODESK Maya 2010-2015 and Advanced RealtimeTracking's DTrack.  It connects tracking data delivered in real-time from Advanced Realtime Tracking equipment to AUTODESK Maya to support full-body motion capture.

MayaDTrack is a stand-alone executable for Microsoft Windows XP Prof./ Windows 7/8/8,1 (32/64 Bit) which acts as a motion capture gateway server for AUTODESK Maya. It collects tracking data arriving at the local network port or read in from a local file and sends the tracking data to the corresponding device channels in AUTODESK Maya. The incomining tracking data can be mapped in Maya to animation channels of any geometry by hand or by using a small MEL or PYTHON script.


Maya 2015 compatible


Available from Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH .

Developed by

WendWerk and EckesVision for  Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH .

Latest News

Current Version: V1.1 tested with Maya 2014 and Maya 2015 64-bit under Windows 7 64-Bit Prof./ Windows 8.1 64-bit Prof. Works as intended.

Known issues

Please send us bug reports and requests for new features and improvements via email to mayadtrack<remove_this_please>@ecke<removeaswell>




The picture above illustrates how 6-DoF targets of ART corresponding to various body markers are visualized in Maya as boxes.


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