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A camera plugin for AUTODESK MotionBuilder 2010 (32 bit) &  2011-2016 (32/64 bit)  and TECHNOCRANE s.r.o.  fully automatic robotic  TechnoDolly OR the more affordable  New Technocrane camera crane with optional encoder support.

tdcam window in virtual scene

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A camera plugin for AUTODESK MotionBuilder  2014-2018 (32/64 bit)  and Mo-SYS camera tracking system StarTracker.


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A FBX recording solution for TorqTrack , the camera tracking system of TrackMen. The program records camera tracking data delivered in real-time via the studio ethernet network,  converts it into the 3D data exchange format AUTODESK FBX and saves it to file.

TorqTrack2FBX screenshotTorqTrackFBX fbx scene

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MOCAD for AUTOCAD is a .NET Plugin for AUTODESK AUTOCAD 2013-2015 developed by Müller Opladen GmbH in cooperation with EckesVision to create cut makros for profile welding machines. The plugin extracts relevant makro parameters from an AUTOCAD construction document and delivers it to the profile welding machine to perform the requested adaption or cut-out of the pipe.

Contact Müller-Opladen for further details.



FbxRecorder is a simple stand-alone application for recording camera tracking data and converting the camera motion into AUTODESK FBX animation files. AUTODESK FBX is a 3D data exchange format natively used by many AUTODESK products such as AUTODESK MAYA,MOTIONBUILDER, SOFTIMAGE, 3DS MAX and many more. 

The Stype Kit is currently suported by FbxRecorder.



The recorded animation curves can be visualized live by the FBXRecorder without the need of having an AUTODESK product installed on the recording computer. Note, however,  AUTODESK offers a free viewer for MS Windows 7/8 64-Bit called FBX Review in order to view  the motion in a FBX scene.

FBX merge tools can be used to merge the pure camera motion generated by the FBXRecorder with any user defined FBX scene to generate a FBX scene containing both scenes. Switch in FBXReview  to the FBXRecorder 'camera'  and move track to view your set from the real camera point of view.  Contact me, in case you need this service. 

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