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TDCam 1.8.2 released

A new version of the camera plugin TDCAM for AUTODESK MotionBuilder 2010 (32 bit) &  2011-2016 (32/64 bit)  and TECHNOCRANE s.r.o.  fully automatic robotic  TechnoDolly OR the more affordable  New Technocrane camera crane with optional encoder support has been released:

TDCam 1.8.2

  • Bugfix in RS232 communication when rs2322USB converters are used
  • Added support for AUTODESK MOTIONBUILDER 2016 on MS Windows 10 64-bit.

TDCam supports the New Technocrane for previs or virtual production

TDCam - the virtual camera plugin for AUTODESK MotionBuilder developed for TECHNOCRANE s.r.o.fully-automatic robotic camera crane TechnoDolly,  supports also the more affordable New Technocrane with the optional Real Time Data Export Upgrade pack which has recently become available from TECHNOCRANE s.r.o..  Tracking data delivered in real-time from the camera crane becomes available in AUTODESK's MotionBuilder real-time render engine to support real-time previs or virtual production.



Making Of: Aki Bosse Vier Leben

The TechnoDolly of Technocrane and Autodesk MOTIONBUILDER /TDCam were used for Previs during production of Aki Bosses new music video "Vier Leben" at the Studio Hamburg in November, 2013. The FBX-Exporter of the TechnoDolly was used to deliver CGI data for post production.  Check out the brief Making-Of to get an impression. Hopefully, the final result will be released soon.


New tutorials for KIStream available

Two tutorials for KIStream, the AUTODESK Motionbuilder input device plugin for Kuper Controls, are now available on Youtube.  The first shows how to use the plugin and record some data, the second shows how almost anything available in the virtual set can be driven by the incoming Kuper data stream.